Friday, 1 March 2013

Dumb statement of the day

This should become a regular feature of my blog; however, one would have to sift daily through large numbers of potential candidates which I have no time for at present, alas.

Yesterday, Khaleda Zia at the press conference said, "I am stunned. I am outraged. I am deeply hurt. I have no words to condemn and protest. Heinous genocide is taking place again in our country. People are being killed like birds. 

"The government has gone on a barbaric killing spree. Old people, children, adolescents and even chaste women are not being spared. It looks like foreign occupation forces are committing atrocities against the people of Bangladesh.

“It's beyond our imagination that a government can carry out genocide against its own people. We 
liberated our motherland in 1971 standing against such genocide. We cannot accept that any government for any reason would choose the path of genocide in that independent country." 

The words "genocide", "war criminal" and "razakar/rajakar" are used most liberally by Bangladeshi politicians (and public, unfortunately), to the extent that they have become completely meaningless. 

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